The Salt Lake Tribune feature by Peggy Fletcher Stack

Reading Peggy Fletcher Stack's article was something like unwrapping a present. I really didn't know what I'd find inside. Stack interviewed my mother, my voice was represented by direct quotes from the book itself.

All I had to do was stand outside looking off into the distance for an hour (I was actually looking at a parking garage and scaffolding). Francisco Kjolseth's photo makes me look hopeful. Not the easiest of tasks on the best of days. 

I never know how to explain The Unexpected Son. It's not a simple story. Stack has done a wonderful job of capturing one of the strings from the woven narrative. She's left much of the world unexplored. I appreciate that. 

Mom says some incredibly interesting things. She should have been the cover photo. She'd passionately disagree. 

Please, explore Stack's piece here: