• RadioWest Interview with Doug Fabrizio

    One of the things my mom frequently talked about over the years was me finishing The Unexpected Son so I could appear on RadioWest with Doug Fabrizio to talk about my father. 

    Well, somehow it happened. 

  • RadioWest Films: Remembering Michael

    RadioWest Films has put together a short film featuring some of my favorite photographs and some audio excerpts we did for an upcoming radio show.
  • Listen, Learn & Love Podcast with Richard Ostler

    Richard Ostler reached out to me after reading Peggy Fletcher Stack's feature on The Unexpected Son in The Salt Lake Tribune. I've done numerous po...
  • The Salt Lake Tribune feature by Peggy Fletcher Stack

    Reading Peggy Fletcher Stack's article was something like unwrapping a present. I really didn't know what I'd find inside. Stack interviewed my mot...
  • f(r)iction interview with Carolyn Janecek

    I'll spare you the hyperbole (for now), but Carolyn was the editor that I needed. We worked side by side for months without meeting (an oddity in the pre-pandemic world).
    When the smoke cleared, we explored the idea of doing an interview for
    I couldn't imagine what questions they might have left. What could I say that wasn't already in the book?
  • City Weekly interview with Scott Renshaw

    I've known Scott Renshaw as a film critic, writer, editor and book lover (you'll never see him without one) for years. Having him interview me for City Weekly was a little surreal. Sometimes a hallucinatory life is as good as reality gets.