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    When I think of us, this is what I see. The places we’ve been. The places we’re going. This is the closest we came to being pretty. 
  • Listen, Learn & Love Podcast with Richard Ostler

    Richard Ostler reached out to me after reading Peggy Fletcher Stack's feature on The Unexpected Son in The Salt Lake Tribune. I've done numerous po...
  • The Salt Lake Tribune feature by Peggy Fletcher Stack

    Reading Peggy Fletcher Stack's article was something like unwrapping a present. I really didn't know what I'd find inside. Stack interviewed my mot...
  • Mixtape: Ten songs that helped to shape The Unexpected Son

    The Unexpected Son was written over the course of 15 or so years. There were four phases that produced three distinct versions of the book. The first version was a collection of interviews and journal entries. It was unimaginative and clinical and proved to be little more than a framework for what would come later.  

    During that period, I started to curate a selection of songs that reflected the mood of my writing and served as guide when I struggled to find my way.  

    These ten songs were the most frequently visited during the bulk of the writing. 

  • f(r)iction interview with Carolyn Janecek

    I'll spare you the hyperbole (for now), but Carolyn was the editor that I needed. We worked side by side for months without meeting (an oddity in the pre-pandemic world).
    When the smoke cleared, we explored the idea of doing an interview for
    I couldn't imagine what questions they might have left. What could I say that wasn't already in the book?
  • City Weekly interview with Scott Renshaw

    I've known Scott Renshaw as a film critic, writer, editor and book lover (you'll never see him without one) for years. Having him interview me for City Weekly was a little surreal. Sometimes a hallucinatory life is as good as reality gets.